Golden Era Bodbuilding: Home of the Golden Era Workout.
A no frills, no bullshivic workout. It's not faddish and isn't complicated.
It is a tried and true workout inspired by old school bodybuilders.

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The workout should take you about 1h 15m when you get comfortable with it (4 days a week).

I highly recommend a Captains of Crush gripper (a real gripper, not a flimsy child's toy from the store) for additional grip and forearm training. Most people are gonna start with the .5.

Tips: As a beginner it is vital to focus on control and technique . When a person first starts working out it is very tempting to add more weight then you should be using. You will likely be using alot less weight then everyone else at the gym. Deal with it. Focus on flexing the muscle to move the weight. Also, more is not always better... stick with the routine. Put the extra effort into sticking with your meal plan.
Slow controlled reps are the key to building muscle. The downward motion is just as important as pushing it back up. When you see a bodybuilder using ridiculous weights in a muscle mag more than likely it's for the photo shoot. Heavy days are fine (and necessary) but should be used sparingly. Focus on the muscle and the contraction.
3 to 4 months. This is how long it will take for your stability and mind-muscle connection to develop. If you get over this hump you will start to see what it truly means and feels like to workout. Mastering this takes years however, the nuances in weightlifting never cease to amaze me.
Running shoes are made for running, not lifting. Try to wear a flat footed shoe or just take your shoes off when you work legs or deadlift. This will help with knee problems and stability issues. Warm up and make sure to stretch.